The Sales Doctor: Eric Wood

If there’s one thing about our team here at Aleuro Inc, it’s that we attract the most interesting personalities to our company! From golf pros to musicians, scholars to aspiring doctors, there’s not a single “type” that does better than the other here at Aleuro Inc. In fact, it boils down to personality and work ethic that determine if someone will excel in our company!

Meet Eric Wood, one of those exceptional personalities that excel in our company’s Management Training Program. Born in Abilene and raised in San Antonio, Eric is the oldest of 4 and naturally, assumes that same big brother role in our company to new members joining the team. The product of 2 hard-working parents and a childhood filled with basketball and swimming (he was 6’4 in middle school), Eric grew up with an understanding of pay now, play later.

Pursuing swimming seriously in high school, Eric recalls also learning discipline and perseverance by swimming an average of 5 miles a day, 6 days a week. He mastered freestyle and breaststroke races, earning a State Championship his Junior year with his team.

Graduating from Churchill High School, Eric pursued higher education at UTSA and double majored in Biology and Chemistry (impressive, we know)! His graduation in May 2015 and successful MCAT examination led Eric to the workforce as he prepared for another 8-10 years of schooling. Working first with Samsung to gain sales experience and then Aleuro Inc to gain leadership/management experience, Eric finds himself more prepared now than ever to begin his studies as an Orthopedic Surgeon.

What he’s learned most at Aleuro Inc and intends to use in Med School is the ability to train and develop others, learn from everyone that crosses his path, make unemotional business decisions, and focus on the present. From his first interview with the company, Eric has evolved into even more of a composed professional — perfect for an aspiring doctor.

When he’s not at work, you can find Eric with his wife Megan, who believe it or not he met in 7th grade!! To relax, he plays Destiny and Dungeons & Dragons fan, maximizing as much time as he can outside of the office and textbooks! A natural communicator who has brought such value to our entire company here at Aleuro Inc, Eric adds daily to the “energetic, ever-changing, family-focused company” he describes us as.

Eric, we want to thank you for the commitment you have demonstrated to our company and the level of excellence you have interjected into our client relations. Until your official graduation from med school, you will always be the sales doctor to us. Keep up the tremendous work!

From Australia to Aleuro Inc

The efficiency and success of a company, we feel, is in direct correlation to the management team leading the organization.  The combination of passion, energy, competitiveness and the willingness of our fearless leaders to roll up their sleeves and lead our team by example is the reason for Aleuro Inc’s growth and expansion over the last 5 years! Today we’d like to introduce to you one of these fearless managers, our favorite Aussie from down under, Joel Price!

Joel Price was born in Sydney, Australia and at the age of 9, moved with his family to Nashville, TN.  In his late teen’s Joel started his own Mobile Disc Jockey Business, DJing weddings and parties, and consequently Joel attend Middle Tennessee State University because of their #1 ranked school for the recording industry with an emphasis on production & technology.  After graduating college Joel grew his DJ business, taking on a partner and hiring DJ’s to work for him!  After time though, he realized that he desired a full time career in the business world and would continue DJing as a side business.

In the Spring of 2009 Joel started in our client’s office in Nashville, TN and due to his natural communication and people skills, was quickly promoted into a leadership position within 2 weeks!  After a few months working in our Nashville location, Joel expanded with a new office to Toledo, Ohio.  He quickly became one of the top AT&T U-verse Reps in the nation and after a year and half in Toledo, OH Joel was asked to help Matthew England open a new office location in San Antonio, TX.

Matthew and Joel grew Aleuro Inc into the #1 performing marketing/sales office in the nation for AT&T and Joel was promoted to the Assistant Management position of our company’s Management Training Program in the Spring of 2012.  Upon being promoted into a Marketing/Sales Management position 4 months later, Joel oversaw a top performing office for our client in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for 3 years and was just recently invited to relocate his operations back to his favorite city, San Antonio.

Recently Joel was invited to a very exclusive conference at our client broker’s headquarters, where he got to spend the weekend in lavish style at a mansion in Los Angeles.  When he got back, we asked him what his goals were and this was his response. (You gotta love the guy!) “I want to oversee an additional 3 more office locations by the end of 2016.  Be a millionaire by age 40 and be able to travel all the worlds Ancient Sites!”

We can’t wait to catch up with him next December and see all he’s accomplished over the next year!

Manager or Interior Designer? You decide!

It’s been an honor this week celebrating our company’s 5th anniversary in business. After moving to a new office location this past year, in preparation for our 2016 expansion, the team decided to put their talents to work and create their dream offices.

Our very creative Human Resource Director, Christina England, has been told she has a knack for interior design and we think these pictures solidify that. She single handily decorated her office and decided to go with a glass  and gray theme to portray her idea of a successful, entrepreneurial woman. It was no easy task, but it was worth it! The office is so proud of her accomplishments as both an administrator, as well as THE interior designer for Aleuro Inc.

A similar story occurred for our CEO, Matthew England. He incorporated his personality into the decorating of his office, through his passion for Marvel and DC comics.  Matthew grew up reading the stories of Batman, Iron Man and many more, and wanted his office to portray the childhood heroes he adored, who could overcome all adversity.

With the Christmas holiday around the corner, the office is always bustling with carols, Christmas trees and coffee! Feel free to stop by and visit with us anytime and see our masterpieces in person.


Aleuro Inc Careers

We’ve created a page entirely dedicated to Career Opportunities available here at Aleuro Inc on LinkedIn and encourage you to follow us and stay current with Aleuro Inc Careers on LinkedIn! Why wait until January 1st to start on your resolution of being happier at work? Build your future here. Today!

It is important to us that potential candidates match our company culture and values. Characteristics that we are looking for include a positive attitude, a professional image, integrity, strong work ethic, ambition, competitiveness, sports-minded and a team player.

We are currently offering an entry level Management Training Program. This involves initial training in marketing, sales and account management, while cross-training into roles of team leadership and management.  It is important to understand that all Managers that are apart of our organization have been developed from the entry level role. We strongly believe that the best coaches were once former players thus, we only promote internally.

Interested in learning more about our company? Wanting to start a career, rather than a job? Click below to apply and we’ll be in contact!

Managment Training Program


Intern Testimonials!

photoCierra (on the left) says, “This internship has been an amazing opportunity for me. I have learned more than I could have ever imagined that I would, and I have met friends and professional connections that will last long beyond my time here at Aleuro, Inc. I could not have asked for a better internship experience, and I know that I have grown personally and professionally because of it.”

Brandi (on the right) says, “Working at Aleuro, Inc. as a summer intern has brought me out of my comfort zone and truly transformed me into a more outgoing person. Beyond my personal development, I feel as if I have learned so much about every aspect of the business and developed a professionalism that will help me work toward my future.”