Learning About Leysha: An Aleuro Inc Exclusive

The collection of personalities housed at Aleuro Inc can be described as nothing short of fascinating! From former athletes to musicians, recent grads to budding entrepreneurs, our team boasts the most interesting collection of individuals; each different, but unified in their goal of growing professionally while helping our client grow. One of the most unique Team Leads we have, Leysha Brainum, was recently selected as the “Leader Of The Month” by her peers – an honor bestowed to those who are high performing, reliable and show great progress in their professional development.

Born in Albuquerque, NM, but a product of Mexia & Groesbeck, TX, Leysha grew up in a close knit family raised by a strong single mother!  Extremely close with her grandmother, Leysha recalls her best childhood memories on her family’s farm taking care of the livestock and riding horses. It was there her passion for animals began.

An extremely shy child, Leysha learned to put herself out of her comfort zones by joining every organization in middle school and high school possible! A soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, tennis player and pole vaulter, Leysha stayed active and social, slowly forcing herself out of her shy shell. Joining the Varsity tennis team as a sophomore, Leysha defined her competitiveness competing in state tournaments 3 years in a row.

Coming also from a musical family, Leysha taught herself how to play the guitar and ukulele, a gift she still practices weekly. She took her love for music, sports, and animals to Texas State, studying for 3 years to be a Wildlife Biologist and minoring in business. When a car accident prevented Leysha from returning to school her senior year, she immediately dove into the work force, working at the retailer, Gap, and acting modeling & acting gigs on the side. When an opportunity to work at Aleuro Inc presented itself, Leysha knew that the Mangement Training Program was exactly the leadership training she needed to advance her career.

Upon her interview process, Leysha was most intrigued by the opportunity to run her own marketing & sales firm for our client at the end of her training; an entrepreneurial opportunity she never saw herself having before. When she realized this would put her one step closer to being financially able to open a Wildlife Sanctuary, Leysha accepted the position with excitement. Now 18 months later and well on her way to an Assistant Management promotion, Leysha continues to set the pace and the standards for our entire office.

In her spare time, she LOVES traveling, finding new adventures, listening to music, and playing soccer and tennis! Her goal in the next year is to help our client expand to California, within 3 years expand the business into an additional 3 offices, and in 5 years complete her Master’s.

Leysha – we are continuously impressed by your character, integrity, and loyalty. Thank you for choosing Aleuro Inc and for helping our company grow into one of San Antonio’s fastest growing marketing/sales firms. We value and appreciate you and can’t wait to watch your continued growth. To share your love with Leysha, be sure to leave a comment below or follow Aleuro Inc on Instagram to see all of her upcoming promotions and travel!

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Simply Systematic: Senior Corporate Trainer Pete Storseth

pete3Passion. Determination. Resilience. These are three characteristics that most people strive to have during their career. Throughout an individual’s professional journey, challenges arise, new opportunities are presented, and successes are celebrated. Aleuro Inc’s Senior Corporate Trainer, Pete Storseth, knows this journey well!

Pete was born and raised in Missouri City, TX, about 15 minutes south of Houston. Growing up, he was considered the “class clown” (he’s the office clown now, haha!). Pete has always been passionate about art – his favorite medium being illustration. He also has an athletic side and played football throughout junior high and high school. After graduating from Elkins High School, Pete moved to Lubbock, TX to attend Texas Tech University (Guns Up!). He attended Texas Tech for 3 years and decided to transfer to The University of Houston, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Production.

With a college degree and knowledge under his belt, Pete moved to Austin, TX to pursue his love for the film industry. He soon became the Assistant Editor, Assistant Locations Manager, and part of the art department for an independent feature film. Pete also starred in a couple of  independent short films – one of them being a zombie film where he died three times! Though Pete experienced success in the film industry, he also saw the other side of it – the competitive and inconsistent side. Struggling to find more work, he ended up taking short-term jobs such as waiting tables, managing a furniture store, and working in a call center. Pete knew he wanted something more; he wanted a long-term career where he could run his own business and be financially free.

pete4After searching for jobs online, Pete found a job with a glass company that promised the opportunity to start in an entry level sales position and quickly move up into management. He gave it a shot, worked hard, and was promoted to management within one year! Pete was then given the opportunity to oversee the San Antonio market working with the same glass company. While he loved the entrepreneurial side of the position, he wanted to work with a prestigious client and a more professional direct marketing and sales approach. Pete searched again for a new opportunity. He came across Aleuro Inc and discovered that they were working with AT&T (we all know who they are!) and other multi-billion dollar telecommunications clients. After interviewing with our CEO, Matthew, Pete knew working at Aleuro Inc was the right fit!

Since the very beginning of his career with Aleuro Inc, Pete has set the pace in both sales and team building. His work ethic and systematic nature make him a prime example of true leadership. Pete’s advice to any new team member is to “study your butt off, work hard, and invest in both yourself and others!” Aleuro Inc is very grateful to have Pete on its team and is excited to see him expand the company into a new market in the near future! Congratulations, Pete, on being Aleuro Inc’s featured leader this month! Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated!


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Aleuro Inc: Happy Anniversary Star Trek!

Here at Aleuro Inc, we’d like to consider ourselves an eclectic bunch. We’re comprised of a group of former athletes, scholars, class clowns and a professional DJ??? Yep, it’s real life! Despite our differences, we find unity in our diversity. We are conjoined by strong values of integrity, discipline and work ethic. Much like Star Trek, we have a VERY positive outlook on the future and the direction our company is heading! We dgiphy-20ecided to interview our Managing Partner, Joel, who is a HUGE Trekkie and asked him to give us the scoop on what the 50th anniversary means and how it relates to our business. You just might be surprised at the similarities, so give her all you’ve got captain!  (that’s a Star Trek line if you didn’t get it, haha)

Q – Ok, Joel! If you had to choose, who is your favorite character and why?


Joel – Soo hard! Why would you make me choose??! If I had to, I would say Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the Enterprise in Star Trek the Next Generation.  He was the living embodiment of a Leader.  He always asked for advice and listened to his team in a consultative environment.  He was a diplomat at heart, always seeking a way to find common ground and unite 2 differing parties.  He would spend personal time with his team and provided solid structure.  He was never afraid to join away missions, which in our work environment would be equivalent to a manager spending a day with a new team member during client consultations to provide adequate training.  He also created an environment of true growth and development.  When I’m at work and faced with a challenge, I think WWJLD (what would Jean-Luc do) and the answer is always clear from there!


Q – What is the greatest lesson to be learned from the Star Trek movies?


Joel – Well to me Star Trek is more TV shows than movies.  It started with a TV show in the 60’s, but has since spawned 5 new TV series with the newest starting in Jan 2017… very exciting!!  And then 13 Movies so far with no end in sight.  As a young man I fell deeply in love with Star Trek The Next Generation. The greatest lesson I get from Sgiphy (18).giftar Trek is probably “Unity in Diversity.”  Having a team of diverse individuals that are united can accomplish anything.  Every individual brings to the team a unique perspective and skill-set that only makes the team stronger.  Star Trek was also about humanity in the future and how we aren’t perfect but as a human race among many other alien races we strive for a better universe and it can be accomplished.  Most movies depict a bleak future where things are doomed, but Star Trek was always positive on its outlook.


Q – How does Star Trek relate to our business?


Joel – Star Trek is about team work in the face of constant and unimaginable challenges! Our Management Training Program at Aleuro Inc is incredibly challenging, as you are taught to oversee the operations of an entire marketing firm in less than 2 years, but every new challenge accomplished brings a great sense of fulfillment to the individual and group. Star Trek and our business is all about leadership and unity! With hands-on, positive leadership and great cohesiveness around team members, we are boldly going where no man has gone (are you catching these Star Trek quotes I’m dropping, haha)!


While our setting is a simple office and not aboard the USS Enterprise, our mission is the same! Like Star Trek, we look to provide adventure, giphy-21friendship, discovery and exploration, all within the marketing and sales world. We look to create and cultivate an environment where like the show, we’ll be around for decades to go. While we look to build our legacy, we wanted to wish Star Trek a Happy 50th Anniversary and thank the series for having such a positive impact on so many of us. Live long and prosper, as they say!

From Australia to Aleuro Inc

The efficiency and success of a company, we feel, is in direct correlation to the management team leading the organization.  The combination of passion, energy, competitiveness and the willingness of our fearless leaders to roll up their sleeves and lead our team by example is the reason for Aleuro Inc’s growth and expansion over the last 5 years! Today we’d like to introduce to you one of these fearless managers, our favorite Aussie from down under, Joel Price!

Joel Price was born in Sydney, Australia and at the age of 9, moved with his family to Nashville, TN.  In his late teen’s Joel started his own Mobile Disc Jockey Business, DJing weddings and parties, and consequently Joel attend Middle Tennessee State University because of their #1 ranked school for the recording industry with an emphasis on production & technology.  After graduating college Joel grew his DJ business, taking on a partner and hiring DJ’s to work for him!  After time though, he realized that he desired a full time career in the business world and would continue DJing as a side business.

In the Spring of 2009 Joel started in our client’s office in Nashville, TN and due to his natural communication and people skills, was quickly promoted into a leadership position within 2 weeks!  After a few months working in our Nashville location, Joel expanded with a new office to Toledo, Ohio.  He quickly became one of the top AT&T U-verse Reps in the nation and after a year and half in Toledo, OH Joel was asked to help Matthew England open a new office location in San Antonio, TX.

Matthew and Joel grew Aleuro Inc into the #1 performing marketing/sales office in the nation for AT&T and Joel was promoted to the Assistant Management position of our company’s Management Training Program in the Spring of 2012.  Upon being promoted into a Marketing/Sales Management position 4 months later, Joel oversaw a top performing office for our client in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for 3 years and was just recently invited to relocate his operations back to his favorite city, San Antonio.

Recently Joel was invited to a very exclusive conference at our client broker’s headquarters, where he got to spend the weekend in lavish style at a mansion in Los Angeles.  When he got back, we asked him what his goals were and this was his response. (You gotta love the guy!) “I want to oversee an additional 3 more office locations by the end of 2016.  Be a millionaire by age 40 and be able to travel all the worlds Ancient Sites!”

We can’t wait to catch up with him next December and see all he’s accomplished over the next year!

Manager or Interior Designer? You decide!

It’s been an honor this week celebrating our company’s 5th anniversary in business. After moving to a new office location this past year, in preparation for our 2016 expansion, the team decided to put their talents to work and create their dream offices.

Our very creative Human Resource Director, Christina England, has been told she has a knack for interior design and we think these pictures solidify that. She single handily decorated her office and decided to go with a glass  and gray theme to portray her idea of a successful, entrepreneurial woman. It was no easy task, but it was worth it! The office is so proud of her accomplishments as both an administrator, as well as THE interior designer for Aleuro Inc.

A similar story occurred for our CEO, Matthew England. He incorporated his personality into the decorating of his office, through his passion for Marvel and DC comics.  Matthew grew up reading the stories of Batman, Iron Man and many more, and wanted his office to portray the childhood heroes he adored, who could overcome all adversity.

With the Christmas holiday around the corner, the office is always bustling with carols, Christmas trees and coffee! Feel free to stop by and visit with us anytime and see our masterpieces in person.


Aleuro Inc, Marketing & Sales Firm in San Antonio

What it takes to run a small business for 5 years!

5 years that Aleuro Inc has been in business. Wow!

Thanks to LinkedIn, we were reminded of our upcoming company anniversary and are so unbelievably proud to say not only has our company hit this major milestone, but is thriving and growing in a way that makes us look forward to the 10th anniversary!

You’re probably wondering where these last few years went and that’s a really good question.  Let’s take a look at what exactly Aleuro Inc did to guarantee they hit this 5 year mark!

It is commonly know that 45-50% of small businesses will fail in the first 5 years.  “About half of all new establishments survive five years or more and about one-third survive 10 years or more. As one would expect, the probability of survival increases with a firm’s age.” http://bit.ly/1F8em6Z – Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, BED

One of the first things Aleuro Inc attributes their success to, is that they don’t believe in statistics (especially dismal ones like this one above) and they don’t believe that what was done yesterday matters.  There is only today and what is being done TODAY to be the best version of oneself is what will determine success.  Aleuro Inc had their best year yet in 2012 and it was epic – promotions, travel, hitting records for their client, etc. Imagine if all they did in 2013 was reminisce on what was done the year before.  Think they would have made it to 2014, 2015 or be planning for their biggest year yet, 2016?  The answer is no. Because all that matters for tomorrow is what you’re doing today, not yesterday.

A second notion Aleuro Inc feels has brought them to their 5 year anniversary is that they focus on the big rocks first and fill the rest of their time with the small rocks.  No matter one’s model, every small business is usually responsible to 2 parties; their employees and their customers/shareholders.  Aleuro Inc learned from a very young business age, that nothing else is more important than providing a positive, vibrant and educational work environment for their team, who in turn translate that good energy when taking care of customers. It’s actually really simple, they feel. Take care of your people and they will take care of your business.

Thirdly, Aleuro Inc focuses on self-improvement.  Their management team always want to be better versions of themselves. They want to be better citizens to their community, parents, husbands, wives, business leaders in San Antonio. Everyday they read self-help business books, watch motivational videos, divulge in business articles, network on Linkedin, and travel to conferences internationally to network with the best in the marketing and sales industry.  The business our company is built off of is the idea that small improvements over an extended period of time, create strong managers. “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” as the quote goes.

Fourthly, Aleuro Inc believes.  They truly believe that they represent the best telecommunication client in the United States. They believe that their Management Training Program can shape peoples futures and change lives and they believe that they have the most talented and charismatic team in San Antonio. Confidence is contagious and theirs is off the charts.

Lastly, they dream.  They foresee a MASSIVE future in store for Aleuro Inc and will share it with anyone willing to listen. Overseeing 2 locations currently in San Antonio and Salt Lake City, Aleuro Inc plans to be in 10 locations by their 10th anniversary. From the east coast to west coast, no corner of the United States can escape their vision. Purpose, passion and a dream.  What more do you need to be writing this article again 5 years down the road?

Aleuro Inc Careers

We’ve created a page entirely dedicated to Career Opportunities available here at Aleuro Inc on LinkedIn and encourage you to follow us and stay current with Aleuro Inc Careers on LinkedIn! Why wait until January 1st to start on your resolution of being happier at work? Build your future here. Today!

It is important to us that potential candidates match our company culture and values. Characteristics that we are looking for include a positive attitude, a professional image, integrity, strong work ethic, ambition, competitiveness, sports-minded and a team player.

We are currently offering an entry level Management Training Program. This involves initial training in marketing, sales and account management, while cross-training into roles of team leadership and management.  It is important to understand that all Managers that are apart of our organization have been developed from the entry level role. We strongly believe that the best coaches were once former players thus, we only promote internally.

Interested in learning more about our company? Wanting to start a career, rather than a job? Click below to apply and we’ll be in contact!

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