Careers at Aleuro Inc.

It is important to us that potential candidates match our company culture and values. Characteristics that we are looking for include a positive attitude, a professional image, integrity, strong work ethic, ambition, competitiveness, sports-minded and a team player.

We are currently offering an entry level Management Training Program. This involves initial training in marketing, sales and account management, while cross-training into roles of team leadership and management.  It is important to understand that all Managers that are apart of our organization have been developed from the entry level role. We strongly believe that the best coaches were once former players thus, we only promote internally.

Management Training Program:

Account Executive: This is the ground floor of our business where the cross-training into management begins.  The initial phase of the business consists of training in the areas of direct marketing, face-to-face sales, client relations, territory and time management and problem-solving techniques.  The purpose of beginning entry level is to learn in detail the product we represent, how to market it to our consumers and most importantly how to drive sales for our client.

Corporate Trainer: After a candidate completes the Account Executive phase they begin to assume more leadership responsibilities in our office. In this position the candidate will actually oversee the growth and development of a sales team of 2-10 people, all the while continuing to develop their sales and marketing skills.

Assistant Management: In this third phase our candidate will now learn the operational side to running a successful sales and marketing firm.  We will train them in the areas of human resources, recruitment, public relations, advertising, payroll and bookkeeping and they will work closely with the administration team to learn the behind the scenes aspects to running a business.

Managing Partner/Marketing Manager: A manager now oversees firms on behalf of the large corporations and Fortune 500 clients we represent in markets across the United States. Our candidate will continue to develop their people skills and management potential as they themselves help others progress through the Management Training Program.  This development and growth allows them to oversee multiple markets and develop organizations of their own.

Aleuro Inc also has internships available.  Check our website for current internship availability.




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