The Sales Doctor: Eric Wood

If there’s one thing about our team here at Aleuro Inc, it’s that we attract the most interesting personalities to our company! From golf pros to musicians, scholars to aspiring doctors, there’s not a single “type” that does better than the other here at Aleuro Inc. In fact, it boils down to personality and work ethic that determine if someone will excel in our company!

Meet Eric Wood, one of those exceptional personalities that excel in our company’s Management Training Program. Born in Abilene and raised in San Antonio, Eric is the oldest of 4 and naturally, assumes that same big brother role in our company to new members joining the team. The product of 2 hard-working parents and a childhood filled with basketball and swimming (he was 6’4 in middle school), Eric grew up with an understanding of pay now, play later.

Pursuing swimming seriously in high school, Eric recalls also learning discipline and perseverance by swimming an average of 5 miles a day, 6 days a week. He mastered freestyle and breaststroke races, earning a State Championship his Junior year with his team.

Graduating from Churchill High School, Eric pursued higher education at UTSA and double majored in Biology and Chemistry (impressive, we know)! His graduation in May 2015 and successful MCAT examination led Eric to the workforce as he prepared for another 8-10 years of schooling. Working first with Samsung to gain sales experience and then Aleuro Inc to gain leadership/management experience, Eric finds himself more prepared now than ever to begin his studies as an Orthopedic Surgeon.

What he’s learned most at Aleuro Inc and intends to use in Med School is the ability to train and develop others, learn from everyone that crosses his path, make unemotional business decisions, and focus on the present. From his first interview with the company, Eric has evolved into even more of a composed professional — perfect for an aspiring doctor.

When he’s not at work, you can find Eric with his wife Megan, who believe it or not he met in 7th grade!! To relax, he plays Destiny and Dungeons & Dragons fan, maximizing as much time as he can outside of the office and textbooks! A natural communicator who has brought such value to our entire company here at Aleuro Inc, Eric adds daily to the “energetic, ever-changing, family-focused company” he describes us as.

Eric, we want to thank you for the commitment you have demonstrated to our company and the level of excellence you have interjected into our client relations. Until your official graduation from med school, you will always be the sales doctor to us. Keep up the tremendous work!

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