An Aleuro Inc & Kendra Scott Production

It’s amazing what a group of people with a vision can do. A great vision can build a product that changes the world, influence followers behind a united cause and change lives Our vision here at Aleuro Inc? Do work that matters and share smiles.

It seems like just yesterday, but 3 years ago a mentor introduced us to Operation Smile, a medical non-profit that since 1982 has provided the funding and surgeries for children born with cleft lip or palette. Though uncommon in the United States, in 3rd world countries these issues go untreated. Children are left malnourished, ostracized and shamed and grow up hungry, lonely and smile-less. A travesty in our opinion seeing as how everything we do in marketing and sales consulting involves a smile.

If you know anything about us here at Aleuro Inc, you know we didn’t sit on our hands for long. We realized all those years ago that our company has been blessed with team members who have KILLER communication and people skills and we thought – what if we spread the word about Operation Smile’s cause AND raised money on behalf of children who need it most?!  We made a commitment THAT day to make a difference and have stood by our decision since.

Though we change fundraising ideas annually, we partnered this year with one of THE most socially responsible businesses we know, Kendra Scott. Hosting a Sips, Sweets & Smiles event at the beautiful La Cantera store, we took over their establishement for 2 hours and branded in our Operation Smile shirts, raised over $1000 for 4 children’s surgeries. Imagine champagne, cookies, beautiful jewelry and our Aleuro Inc team spreading the word about the cause! Everything was PERFECT!

When you work with a team that’s willing to do what ours did – spend time outside of work raising money for children whom they’ll probably never meet in their lifetime -that’s when you know you’re working with the right people. Many thanks to everyone who came out to shop, everyone who donated and everyone who’s going to continue to help us raise money for this amazing charity. Stay tuned to see what we do the 2nd half of this year for Operation Smile here at Aleuro Inc, as there’s dozens more children we need to make smile!


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