Aleuro Inc Gives Back: One Student At A Time

They say that you’ve never truly lived until you have done things for people who can never repay you. At Aleuro Inc, we made a commitment 5 1/2 years upon opening our doors that we would be an organization that gave back, not only to our team members but also into the community we built our office in.

When we thought about the ways that we could have the greatest impact on our local area, we immediately thought about the futures of the business world – San Antonio’s college aged students. We knew that the more minds we met, coached and mentored at a collegiate level, the stronger our lasting impression would be.

As many know, Aleuro Inc takes deep pride in our exclusive Leadership Development Internship Program and hires 5 of the most accomplished interns per semester from surrounding private and public universities in the city. From Trinity, St. Mary’s, UTSA, Texas State, UIW and more, we have been blessed with some of the finest minds San Antonio had to offer.


This semester, one of our Spring 2016 interns from St. Mary’s University, Sadie Solis, organized an American Marketing Association meeting for us to attend and deliver a classroom style lesson on the benefits of direct marketing & sales. Being in a business of face to face interaction on behalf of our clients, we were thrilled to get to travel and mingle with young marketing majors in the area. Armed with leaflets, statistics and our best teaching voices, Matthew England (CEO) and Christina England (Director of Human Resources) headed out of the Aleuro Inc office to go make a difference.

The experience that we had, engaging a group of young freshman and sophomore aged students, was incredible. The professionalism of these individuals, the questions they asked, the life advice they wanted – they reminded us why we place philanthropy so high in our company values. We walked away receiving more inspiration than we gave, but that’s the beauty of giving back – the internal joy it generates.


Here are some testimonials from students we met last Monday! Until next time Rattlers!

“I’d like to thank Mr. & Mrs. England so much for the visit yesterday and for taking time to talk to us at AMA. I really appreciate it and I am grateful for all of your advice. Not only did you provide us with advice about your company and the marketing industry in general, but you also gave us insight to career choices and good life decisions. I hope your company and life successes keep growing…” – Nathalie

“Personally, I really enjoyed learning more of Aleuro Inc, both from the corporate aspect and the company’s work culture. In addition, having the opportunity to learn about the differences between direct and indirect marketing from Mr. and Mrs. England.” – Mei-Ling


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