How Aleuro Inc Shaped Me…

With my internship at Aleuro Inc coming to an end, I can’t express the volumes that I learned in my 6 months working with the company. Being immersed in advertising, marketing, and sales was such a unique and thrilling opportunity. It is amazing to see all the work that goes into making a successful business and advertising it in an effective and efficient manner.

In my fall semester of working at this internship, I felt as if I truly got a glimpse and a taste of what it means to work for a marketing and sales firm. Not only was the work environment enjoyable and comfortable, the community at Aleuro that enshrined the best work ethic made me thirsty and excited for other opportunities with this type of work atmosphere.

The opportunity I was given to work at Aleuro has changed my life. I am not embarrassed to say that this was my first real job. I learned a lot about myself that I was afraid to work on before. I always knew I was more shy than others but I never knew what I could do change this. Working at Aleuro has forced me to find my voice and not be afraid to speak up. I have always been soft-spoken, but now with experience working with people, I have become very comfortable speaking to new people with a strong and confident voice.

I have definitely gained significant insight towards this type of profession and can see myself excelling in this work environment after I graduate law school in the future. Doing an internship has opened the door for me in many ways. I have learned the basis of what running a successful business entails. I have encountered such humble leaders in the field, and they inspired me to continue searching for a company that meets my needs/requirements/values and morals.  As sad as I am to graduate and leave Aleuro Inc, I know that my time was invested in the right company. Thank you for everything team, I love you all!

– Sarah Nasr


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