College Athlete Scores at Internship!!

CarleyMy experience at Aleuro Inc. was incredible and learning everything about this company this semester while being an Intern was one of the best experiences. My journey began with a phone interview, and then an in person interview with Christina England, in the Fall. Once I got an internship position for the Spring, I was so excited to challenge myself and learn everything about this company from their intelligent and hardworking employees.

The position as a direct marking and sales intern at Aleuro involves a lot of hard work and dedication while being educated driven to make an impact within the company. The position was to learn the ins and outs of the company and the mentality one needs to hold in order to be a good manager for a company. This internship allows one to see the daily operations of a small business along with the source of all growth within Aleuro Inc, and their recruiting process. Aleuro Inc. has been able to expand their company in the aspects of even going abroad as well as expanding across the United States, and being apart of their accomplishments and helping them achieve their goals was so rewarding in the end.

I got to help aid the HR team in screening the candidates through phone and in-person conversations to see if they do qualify for a preliminary, second and third interview. What the most important aspect of this process was, is that interns are able to learn time-management in a business environment for the time that they did spend at Aleuro each week, and they are able to improve on their communication and people skills. Aiding the HR team, I was able to learn relationship building with the hundreds of different applicants that they talked to, due to the fact that Aleuro was recruiting heavily because of the expansion to new cities and country’s abroad for their clients, AT&T & T-Mobile. With the supervision directly from the Director of Human Resources, Christina England, and the CEO Matthew England, I was able to get the top training and delegating from them.

Keeping an open mind while youare doing an internship will show people where their strengths and weaknesses are, and if Aleuro is the right industry for them. Being a student, balancing an internship and getting direct experience will help set up the skills needed after graduation. This internship helped me learn the core business practices within Aleuro like customer service skills as well as suitable phone etiquette skills.Overall, this was a great opportunity, and I am leaving this internship with more skills and knowledge than I knew before!


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