The Amazing Andrea Takes Aleuro!

I heard about the open position at Aleuro Inc from a friend of mine. She told me
how much she had learned with the company during her internship and is now an
employee of the company.  I first had the opportunity to speak to the director of
Human Resources and she explained to me the duties I would be responsible for if I was to be selected. Everything she was telling me motivated and excited me. When I found out I was offered the internship I was ecstatic. I chose the internship with my focus in human resources and I can honestly say it was the best decision.

I love learning new things and appreciate meeting people that will guide down the right path. During my time at Aleuro Inc I had the opportunity to meet people that were not only super nice to me, but that also continuously taught me things that will now help me in my future business endeavors. The environment at Aleuro Inc felt more like a family, they always made me feel right at home. I genuinely looked forward to coming into to my internship day after day.

AndreaI am appreciative to Aleuro Inc for the opportunity I was given and everything I was taught during these last few months. The experience will most definitely help in my professional life as well as personal life. Thank you very much for everything and although I am sad to leave I know I am leaving with great memories and knowledge that will be useful to me in the future. Thank you Aleuro Inc.


Internships at Aleuro Inc



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