Studious Scholar to Incredible Intern!!!

11159532_865300160198326_7120492544031147346_n My experience here at Aleuro Inc. has been nothing short of amazing. From the moment I stepped into the office for my interview, I knew that this was an environment with an engaging and team oriented corporate culture, and the energy here is contagious. As an intern, I have been able to see first-hand how marketing and sales work. My boss, Christina England, has really taken me under her wing and has taught me the skills needed to succeed not only in the Human Resources Department, but also in the corporate marketing world as a whole. As a freshman in college and a marketing major, learning about the Human Resources Department of the company, sitting in on interviews, and observing how a marketing firm works, has allowed me to have dipped my toes in a wide range of areas!

I am very grateful to have been part of an internship program whi11210407_875326675862341_1331630402040776676_n-1ch has exposed me to so many different areas of the company. I have been able to interact with interview candidates at the front desk, learn the scheduling software, screen resumes, make recruiting calls, and sit in on interviews for AT&T and T- Mobile. I am a people person, and I have loved seeing how marketing and sales really exercise your ability to work well with others, not only on the team here at Aleuro Inc, but also with potential employees and trainees of the management program. I was able to participate in the service project for Operation Smile with the Aleuro Inc. team, which was a great opportunity to spend time with the team outside of the office.

The opportunity to have been a part of the internship program here has truly been a blessing in my life. I have been in an environment which encourages growth and learning, and I have met wonderful people. The internship program at Aleuro Inc. is unique because it is tailored to the intern; the program has ensured that each day at the office I learned something new, which has been both exciting and rewarding. It has been a privilege to be a part of the team here at Aleuro Inc., and I have loved every minute!


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