Changing Lives, One Pie at a Time

Giving back is something that we take pride in here at Aleuro. Something about helping those in need just hits home. Over the past few years, our office has raised money for local philanthropies as well as our national philanthropy, Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an international children’s medical ch9arity that performs safe, effective cleft lip and cleft palate surgery! Every surgery costs $240, last year we raised $1,000 and were able to fund 4 surgeries. Our goal this year is to make twice that amount so we can be able to fund 8 surgeries for those kids in need!

Our company just recently hosted our annual Pie In The Face event held at The Block S.A. In just about 3 short hours, we were able to raise over $400! The team had a blast eating delicious food, playing with kids as well as getting pied in the face!! This event was a huge success and we cannot wait to see what else we can accomplish! We will be hosting about 2 or 3 more events until we reach our goal of $2,000! Stay tuned in to see what else we accomplish while raising money for Operation Smile this summer!!


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