“More Than Just An Internship” by: Micala Osuna


I first heard about Aleuro Inc through my sorority sister who is the Director of Human Resources here. She would always post about how great the company is on Facebook and I always thought Aleuro looked like such a fun place to work. When I saw Aleuro at a career fair I immediately went to give them my resume. I was excited when I got called in for an interview and even more excited when I was told I got the internship! I would now be the PR & Social Media Intern for Aleuro and I was so eager to get started.

When I was looking for an internship the most important thing I wanted out of it was to continuously learn. Since the first day of my internship I have never stopped learning. I have learned skills I will be able to use in my professional life along with social skills that I could not have learned anywhere else. The team culture at Aleuro has taught me that being successful together is much more fun than being successful alone. I love the culture here and how everyone truly works together to achieve their goals.

I am so thankful for being given the opportunity to intern at Aleuro. Not only has it taught me more than I could have imagined but it has also shaped me into a better businesswoman. Aleuro is a wonderful company to be able to be a part of and I am so lucky to have been a member of this wonderful team! I’m so sad to be leaving but I will always remember the valuable things I learned here! I especially want to thank my boss Christina for putting so much faith in me and for believing in me. Without her guidance I would not have had the truly wonderful experience that I did.


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