“It’s Not Goodbye, It’s I’ll See You Later!”

“A Reflection On My Spring Internship” by: Pablo Diaz Boom

After 4 months of working as a student-intern at Aleuro Inc I can honestly said that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. From the very beginning of the process everyone was extremely friendly, enthusiastic and motivated. They were always willing to help me out whenever I had any questions or concerns with no hesitation. I believe it is fair to say that the company truly cares about its employees.

Moving on, not only are they friendly but also, as I mentioned earlier, they are very motivated. They truly believe in the products they sell and their business model. This is easy to see as the managers continuously check on their sales team and bring up different ways to keep them engaged. Not only this but they truly lead by example, which, in my opinion, is the best way one can lead. If the sales team can see first hand that something works, it is likely that they will implement it. This allows for their team to not only to stay engaged and motivated, but to trust the manager that they work for.

Another important aspect for me as a graduating senior was finding a job after
graduation. Given that I had a good performance throughout my internship I was
offered a full-time position, which I am taking once I graduate. I am really excited to become a part of the team officially as the company offers a lot of growth opportunity based on each individual’s performance. Therefore, if you are a self-motivated individual and are eager to be your own boss and continuously grow, this is the place for you!


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