Interview Etiquette 101: How to Make a Lasting Impression!

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Finally!!! you have landed an interview at a great company, but so have other qualified candidates…now to practice and prepare. Your potential employer will likely ask you the same questions as other candidates, so you need to make yourself standout. After reading articles written by today’s top professionals, and conducting an interview or two ourselves, we have come up with a few tips that will help you make an unforgettable impression on your potential employer!

1. You only get one first impression!

Your interview starts as soon as you walk into the lobby of a company. Whether you are meeting the receptionist or interviewer it is vital to make a strong first impression. You cannot re-do a first impression so make sure you arrive early, silence your cell phone and walk in dressed with a smile and clothes to match the environment of the company you are applying to.

2. Dress the part!

Your attire is one of the most important aspects of your interview. Always dress as if you were running the company! We look for candidates who dress for the part they want, not the part they have. This means coming into an interview in slacks, a button down dress shirt and tie if you are a male and slacks, business suit, or professional length skirt and dress blouse if you are a female. Your clothes are the first thing your interviewer will see so make sure you dress to impress!

3. Bring your resume!

Even though company you are interviewing has already reviewed your resume that does not mean they have saved it! Always bring your resume to an interview! In the event that the company has not saved your resume you need to have one on hand! It is always better to be safe than sorry. Also, bringing your resume to an interview is a fundamental rule of interviewing!

4. Body language is key!

Studies have shown that body language accounts for 55% of messages perceived by the brain. With that being said it is important to be confident. Have a firm handshake, make eye contact, and lean forward to show you are engaged in the conversation. Also, it is important not to cross your arms. This shows you are blocking yourself off from the interviewer and are not interested in what is happening.

5. Make a lasting impression!

Small gestures go a long way! Companies appreciate when you reach out to them after an interview. It is a great idea to send a thank you note to whoever you interviewed with. An email is great but a handwritten note is even better!  Even though we are in a technological age, a handwritten note says you put more effort into the note and are going the extra mile!


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