BOOM!! Here come’s Pablo!


My name is Pablo Diaz Boom, I am a senior at Trinity University majoring in Finance and Economics. My dream is to one day have my own business on which I can work from anywhere in the world.

Last semester, as I was looking for an internship opportunity in the Spring of 2015 I came across this company named Aleuro Inc. Maria, the representative who went to promote the company, got my attention right away with her friendly demeanor. After handing my resume we exchanged a few words, she showed interest in me and told me I would hear back from them, this is when the process began. As she mentioned I heard from Christina in the next few weeks and was explained the internship positions that were available.

Given my busy schedule I was unable to set a start date with the company until a few months later. When I did this I found out all the positions were already taken, this was when my persistence paid off. I thanked them for the possibility and kept in touch in case anything came up, and it did. A few weeks later I heard back from Christina to offer me the internship position, to which I agreed right away.

As of today I have been with the company for a little over a month and I am really glad I am working here. Everyone in the company is extremely welcoming and warm, but more than anything it suits what I am looking for. The opportunity offers a terrific growth opportunity that depends on your own performance but always working as a team, how you lead and work with your teammates. If you are able to thrive in this environment there is a great possibility to be successful and have great economic compensation in a short period of time compared to other companies.


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