There is no age on SUCCESS!


In the past, when one normally thought of “success” and successful business executives, they usually envisioned powerful middle-aged men and women, keen and sharp with years of experience. They envisioned individuals who had served in the workforce for 20-30 years.

With the emergence of Generation Y, we have seen a shift in the paradigm in how one views success in relation to age. Nowadays, we see powerful executives, creators and visionaries who have barely graduated college. The story of Erick Mazon is no different.

Erick graduated from DePaul University in 2013 with a degree in Business Management and a Minor in Psychology. He started off humbly, with the understanding that he would have to accept an entry level position in order to get his foot in the door after college. That humility and the student mentality he translated from school to Aleuro Inc, has him in a position where now, a year after school and at the ripe age of 23, overseeing his own private marketing and sales firm.

When Erick’s not preparing to run his own business, he enjoys boxing and playing soccer. His inspiration is Russel Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks, due to the fact that he was a 46th round draft pick with little hope of being successful. Now, Wilson has been to two Super Bowls and has defeated every major team in the NFL and surpassed his initial standing as an underdog! Erick is most excited about moving from San Antonio to Sacramento to be his own boss and oversee his own office! Though he’s not starting out like the underdog Russell Wilson, we are tremendously excited by his potential and can’t wait to see all the success and passion he will bring to California!



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