Never Say Never, Especially to a Navarro!

Just a single year ago, Maricela made a personal decision that it was time to for her to buckle down and be more career-driven; it was time for her to find a company for the new year that she could call home. Mere months later, she started at Aleuro Inc and 8 months following, she has earned the opportunity to expand to our latest office location in Sacramento, California this week.

When she’s not reading her favorite book “The Breadwinner” by Deborah Ellis or cooking Mole, she’s working hard with Aleuro Inc.  When we asked who inspired her she replied, ” My mother inspires me because she is the true definition of a strong, hard-working Latina.”

When we asked what she is most excited about by moving to Sacramento, California she replied, “I’m most excited about the experience itself and moving with six great individuals and doing things that haven’t been done.”
Marciela’s favorite quote is from a Proverb that states, “Success isn’t how far you got but the distance you traveled from where you started.” Aleuro Inc can see how Maricela has come such a long way and we are going to miss her hilarious stories and positive attitude every morning.  Coming from Chicago to San Antonio to Sacramento shows that she is moving towards bigger and better things and we here at Aleuro Inc wish her the best of luck in her journey!

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