Meet Evan: Our Fall 2014 Marketing Intern

My name is Evan Monroe, and I am currently a senior Marketing major with a minor in International Business at the University of Texas at San Antonio. After graduation I plan to obtain employment in the marketing/ advertising field, and work my way up within a company, with hopes of one day owning my own marketing firm. As a business student I knew it was important to obtain an internship prior to graduation to gain relevant work experience, which I why I obtained my current internship at Aleuro.

Interning at Aleuro has been a very rewarding and challenging experience. As a marketing intern for Aleuro, I have been able to create professional job postings, exciting social media postings, and I have also had the opportunity to assist the Human Resource managers with recruiting talented professionals. All the managers and employees at Aleuro are welcoming and excited to be working here which helps to create a very productive work environment. I’m glad I decided to intern at Aleuro, and I have enjoyed learning the key aspects that are entailed in running a successful company.


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