A Rattler Family Away From STMU

Here at Aleuro, the pride we have for our Universities runs deep! We 100% believe in giving back to the schools that gave us everything.  As graduates of UTSA and St. Mary’s University, we find ourselves gravitating towards our Alma Mater and finding THE best interns to fill our footsteps and grow within our company, just like we did during and outside of college.

In this blog we want to give tribute to a very special Rattler who has graced us with her presence this semester and exceeded all of our expectations! The impact she has made on our Management team and the joy we have had from working with us her is all a reflection of her killer personality! Enjoy the read!

“My name is Sammi Martinez and I am an intern at Aleuro Incorporated for the Fall 2014 semester. I am a senior at St. Mary’s University with a major in Marketing and plan to graduate in May 2015. Being a senior in college I knew it was time to start exploring my options and start an internship. I applied at Aleuro, became an intern, and so far it has been one of the best experiences of my life. Working at Aleuro has taught me Sammimany things that I will take with me beyond my college years.

After I graduate I want to apply to graduate school and pursue my Masters in General Business Administration. I would like to work for the Spurs Marketing Team (GO SPURS GO!) once I get my masters and gain much more experience in the Marketing field. Interning at Aleuro has helped me get a glimpse of what to expect after I graduate. I believe that with my experience of being an intern here, I will be able to overcome any obstacle that comes my way. And I can’t thank them enough for that.”



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