The Tale of an Alabama Girl in Texas

My name is Katie Schneider, and I am currently a graduating student at the University of Auburn in Alabama, GO TIGERS! This summer, I was looking to step out of my comfort zone and home state to find an summer internship outside of Alabama. While browsing on LinkedIn, I saw an opportunity for a Management Training Program designed specifically for Summer Interns and had to apply! Long story short, I aced the interviews, packed up my Toyota, and made the 15 hour drive to San Antonio.

As terrifying as this sounds, I knew from interviewing with the Management Team that this was the place for me! I immediately felt welcomed, valued, and challenged at Aleuro. The management and team made coming to work FUN. I am so thankful at the amount I learned and the time that the company invested in me. I wanted to get as much as I could out of my internship and I knew that the owner and my supervisor felt the same way. The internship structure was perfect-- I was able to spend time in marketing, human resources, AND management. As I start back school, I'm grateful for the development and coaching I received and the exposure to all parts of the business! Wish me luck in my last semester and thank you Texas for the sunsets, the two-stepping and Southern hospitality! 


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