My Experience this Summer at Aleuro

My name is Ramsey Sanchez, and I attend Southwestern Assemblies of God University. I will be graduating in the Fall of 2014 with a B.S. in Business & Administration, along with a minor in Marketing and am also in my senior season as a collegiate football player.

My interest in Aleuro started when my spring term was coming to a close, and I was in search for an ideal internship, one that would provide me professionalism and rewards. Aleuro Inc. presented an opportunity for a Management Training Position for interns and I immediately submitted my resume with eagerness. As nervous as I was, the interview process proceeded smoothly and I was offered a full-time internship much to my excitement. In these last three months, I have learned and seen so much in business working for Aleuro on behalf of AT&T U-Verse. Some of my accomplishments this summer include being promoted to a Corporate Trainer role, which included interviewing, training and developing others starting with the company.

Finding an internship that is 1) paid 2) fun and 3) challenging, is usually difficult to find. The opportunity that Aleuro presented this summer included all three of these things. To succeed in this internship, you must be adaptable, positive, and passionate, and coming from an athlete background, anywhere I could let my competitive spirit out is a place I want to be.

At Aleuro we push each other to excellence. My favorite memories were playing games at every Thursday team night and the celebration party for Roberts’s promotion to Assistant Management. Matthew England, the C.E.O aka the ”Big Show”, lives up to the name and sets the bar high for being an ideal boss. He is a companion, leader, and role model for all of us, a leader not only by position, but also by example. He can aid to your quandaries and puts himself second behind his company and employees. Christina England, Leo Castaleno, Rob Ortiz, and many others at Aleuro Inc. have been an excellent part of my experience. 

In conclusion, my short term career goals are to stay focused, have fun, and gain as much experience as possible. Long term is to get my MBA and be a successful business owner/entrepreneur. I cannot over state enough how great the company and the group of co-workers I have had the pleasure calling my friends really are. Thank you, and God Bless.


Sincerely, Ramsey Sanchez


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