How To Take Your Internship to Full TIme Employment!

MariaJose is the type of individual any professional would want in her company.  To say she is a rare find in Generation Y would be an understatement.  Punctuality and professional dress aside, Maria embodies EVERY quality that is hard to find in a recent graduate: humility, OUTSTANDING work ethic, a no excuses mentality, a positive attitude and a hunger to advance in the company from the ground floor up! Maria, while finishing her last class before graduation, took upon an HR Internship with our company and grew tremendously in communication, organization and people skills! As the end of summer approached we couldn’t imagine not having Maria as a part of our organization and for that reason we made the decision to extend her a Full Time position and offer her home in our work family! This summer she contributed to the promotions of Rob, Erick and Estevan into Assistant Management and was crucial to the growth of our brand new T-Mobile campaign. We asked her to give us three tips that helped her nail the job for any future candidates reading this blog! CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the Aleuro team!


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