BREAKING NEWS!! Assistant Management Promotion!

My name is Erick Mazon, and after residing in Chicago for 21 years, I made the decision to follow a business opportunity and help our Manager Sara expand T-Mobile into the Southwest. Though we’ve been in San Antonio for three months, I am still a die hard Cubs, Bears, and Bulls fan. However, you couldn’t get me to go back to those Chicago winters! In High School, I decided to join the boxing club and quickly learned the importance of having a student mentality. I also learned that if I have the courage to step into the ring and allow someone to willingly hit me, then I could be successful at anything I set my mind to. 

After High School, I went to college at Marian University in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. However, after graduation I knew I wanted to do more than work for someone else. I wanted to be the C.E.O of my own business. Soon, I realized Marketing and Sales would be the best opportunity for that, so I applied for entry-level roles in Chicago and found myself in the type of environment I have always dreamed of. Despite a lack of experience, I was given all the tools and training in areas like sales, interviewing, training, and managing an office for a Fortune 500 Client.

After spending a year in our Chicago office and now 3 months over here in San Antonio, I have developed the skill-set and now manage a team of 20 individuals. As of Monday, I have been promoted to the Assistant Management phase of Aleuro’s Management Training Program. My love and passion for our clients and co-workers continues to grow the longer I am apart of this business. By the end of the year, you can find me in my own office overseeing a branch for T-Mobile. The professional growth I have seen in myself has been tremendous and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. 


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