It’s All About What You Do When No One Is Looking

Running and operating a business for AT&T and T-Mobile is perhaps THE most fulfilling professional responsibility we have ever encountered. There are very few things as challenging and rewarding as working with Fortune 500 clients and developing and mentoring young professionals into management.

One thing we have found though that is comparable in allowing us to make an impact on peoples lives is giving back to our community through sponsoring different charities! Partnering with Director of Human Resources, Christina England, Aleuro decided to work with a local non – profit called the 34 Foundation. The mission of the organization is to raise scholarship funds to provide local high school seniors with an opportunity to go to college! A Banquet Dinner was organized, raffle and silent auction items collected and the night was off with a bang!! We ate delicious BBQ, helped raised $1500+ for a great cause and can’t wait to rally with the 34 Foundation for their next charity event!

As you job search, look for a company that not only invests in it’s employees but also a company that values philanthropy and prides themselves on giving their time to more than just work. If you love what you do, then you’ll never work a day in your life!






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