A Read For Recent Graduates!



With graduation fast approaching for many college seniors, it is only natural to think of what will become of them when they finish with school and have to step into the life of a professional career. In order to help make your decision a little easier, our Spring 2014 PR Intern Roy Borrayo decided to share some insight. Our question to him – “What should a newly minted college graduate look for in a company that they might pursue as a full time career?”

Roy- “Assuming that the college graduate has experience in the form of internships and other placements. they should first look for a career that not only fits their current skill set but most importantly, a company that can offer the chance for advancement based off of performance! I feel that working with a company that cannot offer upward mobility is like working with a company that has no vision or ambition for its employees. Stagnation helps NO ONE…especially not a recent graduate!

Furthermore, the graduate should keep other factors in mind like company stability and longevity, team unity, office morale and community involvement. Of course hours, benefits and compensation are incredibly important but make sure that you don’t sacrifice one for the other.

Lastly, the major that you studied helped offer guidance during your four years of college but it doesnt have to define you as a professional. Look for a company that will help you develop your communication, leadership, public speaking and team building skills – those are qualities easily transferable to any business or industry!

Best of luck to my fellow 2014 graduates and here’s to finding companies that can provide us the growth and opportunity we’re looking for!”




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