My Internship Experience Here At Aleuro

​My name is Roy and I am currently doing an internship at Aleuro this Spring of 2014. I am a full time college student at U.T.S.A. with a major in Public Relations. The company first caught my attention with how motivated everybody is and the professionalism that carries with the organization. My first impression was that I saw a lot of smiles, which was not what I expected, at least right away. My time at Aleuro is rich in different aspects of how a business works. I am constantly impressed by how efficient and effective everyone is in their task at hand. My experience in the internship has been what exactly what I had been looking for; a place that you can learn and that is willing to teach you in the area that you are studying. Whether it is human resources, public relations, sales, or marketing my time is well spent learning about these professions at Aleuro. I am extremely happy to be in the internship here and recommend anyone looking for experience before graduation to apply here!


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