How To Get Hired At Google…And Aleuro!

​The article by Thomas L. Friedman in an interview with Adam Bryant titled “How To Get A Job At Google” is spot on with what companies look for when they hire. The article highlights the stereo type of how a high GPA and test scores were thought to be needed to get hired after college and how the trend is changing towards finding a candidate with more applicable life skills and qualities. Many of these new assets are character traits such as humility, coach-ability, and work ethic; qualities that can’t necessarily be taught in a classroom or come guaranteed with a 4 year degree.

The reason behind this change in hiring at Google is the idea that to generate new and exciting ideas in a business in today’s society, it must not be a solo effort. This requires to put the team as well as the company ahead of what you may always think. Unfortunately, your way may not always be the best way and potential employees need to demonstrate that they are fluid enough for the benefit of the company.

​The soft skills that the article mentions include not only humility but collaboration, adaptability and being able to learn and re-learn. At Aleuro we look for candidates who not only have a background in sales, marketing or customer service but most importantly candidates who demonstrate these soft skills which we feel are needed to succeed in a business environment. Soft skills are the embodiment of a person’s character and a person’s character is by far the most important aspect that companies look at when hiring.

Lastly, the article states that the percentage of employees at Google without a 4 year college degree is at an all time high of 14%. To some this may sound shocking but to us it sounds perfect! We have found in our business that a degree is not a determinant of success in a performance based environment. We feel that though a degree is a plus, in our business we would much rather hire someone with amazing work ethic and humility; someone who is a team player with a great student mentality and most importantly someone who is hungry to grow professionally and rapidly!

So if this sounds like you or someone you know, send them our way! We work roughly 45 years of our life so might as well make them good and work for a company that values your character and your professional growth over past accomplishments!



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