2012, 13 and 14!

As the year draws to a close we want to take a minute to reflect on this years highlights and the foundation that has been laid for the England Organization to catapult in future years!

At the end of 2012 we promoted our second Assistant Manager, Logan Nichols; a bright, eager, outspoken and driven young woman.  Logan helped set the pace for the office in many ways to prepare for 2013.  Whether it was in production, performance, professionalism (or any other adjective that begins with a p – haha) Logan set the bar and set it high!

Due to this gained momentum, in the month of February, our office then proceeded to promote another Assistant Manager named Leo Castallano; a wise, dedicated and hardworking man who had been with our company a mere 8 months (talk about a pacesetter!).  Leo too helped create an atmosphere of team unity, prosperity and humility (and every other adjective that ends in ity-haha).

Our office also welcomed an AMAZING young woman named Susanna Cooper on board to the HR/Administration team in February to continue to recruit sharp young talent like Logan and Leo for our Manager in Training Program.

As the year continued to progress, our office continued to grow personally and professionally.  The President of Aleuro, Inc. married and he and his new wife, Christina welcomed their first born son into the world at the end of May.  Lucas now holds the title of the one and only Aleuro mascot!

In August, we threw a HUGE philanthropy event for a local charity called Esperanza’s Children, which was actually founded by one of our summer 2013 interns, Cierra Kwan.  Esperanza’s Children is an amazing organization that works with families that have hospitalized children to help with spirit, moral, medical bills and costs.  We partnered with Main Event, sold tickets for unlimited bowling and games, and successfully raised $2000 as an office to go towards this cause very personal to our company.

In October, our office AGAIN used our talents, communication and people skills to raise money for a different charity, this one called Operation Smile!  For those unfamiliar with this nonprofit, please keep reading!!! Operation Smile is a 30 year old medical nonprofit that raises money to fund oral surgeries for children in third world countries born with cleft lip or palette issues.  Our office raised over $1000 in just 3 hours which personally funds four children’s surgeries this coming Summer!

As the seasons changed and Fall started to ascend, another young man and his team are gaining momentum in members and team production.  Matthew Blanco, a hungry, driven, and eager young man in our office is on trend and WILL be promoted to Assistant Management by the end of 2013.  He plans on opening his office in Chicago in the second quarter of 2014.

In November, our second office located in Baton Rouge, run by our very own Joel Price, is currently power ranked as the #2 office on over 100 AT&T Uverse offices. PS – We couldn’t be more proud of you Unity Concepts and how far you have come in your first year in business.

For all those still tuned, by the end of 2013 we WILL be locking in markets for Logan and Leo to successfully open their offices in the first quarter of 2014.  As important it is to reflect on one’s past, what is even more important is planning specific, measurable, attainable, revisable and timely goals for the future.  We have HUGE goals for our organization this coming year and hope to continue to give opportunity to our team, generosity to our community and motivation to all those who cross our path this next year.

S/O to our Corporate Trainers: Regan, Danielle, Nadia, Amanda, Nichole, Robert, Philip, Matt, Daniel, Dallas, Javier, Adriana, Sharon, Ami, Logan and Leo. Thank you for your hard work, your dedication.  Your willingness to come in early, stay late, promote a great atmosphere, set the pace. You each have such a bright future and we are so lucky that you chose us to mentor you.

Happy Blogging,

Christina & Matthew England



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