Robert Ortiz: Leader Expose

Corporate Trainer, Robert Ortiz, is a San Antonio native. Before working at Aleuro, Inc. he was an executive’s administrative assistant, where he handled organizational tasks. Robert always knew he had a passion and knack for sales. He has always been a very competitive person. He has been with Aleuro, Inc. for five months now and couldn’t imagine a better working environment. Some of his favorite things about Aleuro, Inc. are the competitive environment and awesome energy everyone brings in. Robert says, “Everyone is driven not just one leader, but everyone. Here at Aleuro, Inc. we all care about each other’s success, especially our top leaders.” A few of his hobbies include playing the violin, playing video games, and partaking in any event that involves competition. Robert’s role model is his mother because of her dedication to her work and all that she sacrificed to give him the opportunity to have a better life. She now owns 17 companies. His other role models include Leo Castellano (Assistant Manager at Aleuro, Inc.) because of his sacrifice and Matthew England because of the big heart his has for everyone (CEO/President of Aleuro, Inc.).


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