Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Our C.E.O!

Matthew England, President and CEO of Aleuro, Inc. was born and raised in Pinson, Tennessee before moving to San Antonio, Texas.

In June 2008 Matthew started in an entry level Manager in Training Program in Nashville, Tennessee. While doing this he worked for a client named Quill, which is an office supply wholesaler.  Matthew was part of the top 5 offices in the U.S.; because of this he was able to train several offices in different states.  This was the first sales job he had that gave him the opportunity to move up and grow within a company. Matthew instantly knew it was the perfect fit.  After two years he was given the opportunity to run an office on the behalf of AT&T.  He moved to San Antonio in November of 2010 and started Aleuro, Inc.; his own company named after his late grandfather. 

He says, “Being the boss is rewarding, sometimes frightening too, but overall the best thing I have ever done. It is a really good feeling having personal and professional freedom because of the decisions that I have made in my 5 and a half years here.”  As an owner, Matthew’s favorite part is watching people grow and succeed. He said, “It’s a cool feeling watching someone with limited to no sales experience learn how to influence other people’s decisions and then watch them learn how to coach and develop others and ultimately be a successful manager.” Matthew loves knowing he has helped someone learn invaluable traits to help them professionally. 

Tune in Friday for our next article on Leader of the Week, Nadia Ainsworth!


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