Leader of the Week: Mike Morales



Today we are showcasing our Leader of the week Mike Morales. Mike was born in the city of El Paso, Texas, but decided to move to San Antonio for more job opportunities. Before working at Aleuro, Inc. he went to an academy where he studied to be an emergency medical technician. Mike knew he always had a calling to help others. After his studies he worked in call centers. He instantly knew it was not something he was interested in. Mike knew he wanted a fast pace work environment with opportunity and drive for success. Mike has been with Aleuro, Inc. since June 2013. He now holds the position of a Corporate Trainer. Mike has always had a yearning to give back to the community by giving individuals a chance.  Mike enjoys working for a company that has so much opportunity and growth. One of his favorite aspects of working with Aleuro, Inc. is the acknowledgement and recognition he receives for all his hard work and efforts. Mike says, “They see you as more than an employee and value all what you do for the company.” Mike loves the team he is a part of and the city he works in. 


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